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“Your Amazing! CD has touched my heart in such a huge way, I can’t put it in words.  The song Goodbye for Now has been so healing.  I have been playing the whole CD over and over again… Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you.”  Nina L

“The best way I know to tell you how well received your Attitude of Gratitude presentation was is to mention how many times I hear the audience members say ‘Thank God’ before starting a sentence, and how they continue to post their blessings on Facebook.  Your presentation was truly uplifting and gave each of us a chance to be thankful for the wonderful and not-always-so-wonderful aspects of our lives.  Thank you for taking the time to be with us and for sharing your gratitude”.  Chris Grimes, Cypress Calling Ministries

“Wanted to send you a very big thank you for all of your encouragement, inspiration and motivational teaching during the (CLASS) conference and our critique groups. You truly have the gift of teaching, so thank you for blessing Leah and I with it. You polished a mediocre piece and made it shine, so thank you from the bottom of my heart Many blessings to you!”  Sofia, CLASS Attendee

Thank you for your gift of words, that God has blessed you with and (that) you have been willing to share with others.  As an artist I feel and understand so many of your writings, and Praise The Lord for your understanding and willingness to share with others”.  Blogging Remotely

“My husband and I listened to your(Amazing!) CD in the car on the way to/from church today. We loved it! Great music, singing, message.” Listening from Dallas, TX

It was refreshing to be reminded who I am. I am going to give some graduating seniors this gift (His Side of the Looking Glass: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You) as well as my precious daughter-in-law. I have listened to it over and over on the way to work. God blesses all of us through you.” Peggy from Huntsville

“Just wanted to let you know I thought this CD (His Side of the Looking Glass: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You) was incredible. It felt as though (you) had a direct line to God when (you) wrote this work. I would highly recommend it. Thanks.”  Listening from California

“It was so good having you in our humble church last night. Your singing and playing was indeed a blessing. I also believe in divine appointment and that it was God that brought us together. Looking forward to seeing you again. May the Lord richly bless you three and His Witness Ministries.”  Amazed By His Grace, Pastors Steve and Gloria Barley, Glory Land Church

“I would heartily endorse Lawrence and Kristen Clark as performers of the gospel message.  Their ability to draw the audience into their story through music and words is truly a worship experience in itself.  The songs that they write and sing are rich with the amazing grace and love that is a true picture of our Lord. Lawrence and Kristen share this wonderful story of grace through humor, heartfelt words and music…. Lawrence performed and shared  a bit of his faith walk with students at Houston Baptist University during our weekly Convocation and students were mesmerized with his giftedness and honesty.  As a duo for the Lord, you will not find a better team that exhibits lives that are grace-filled and honest.  You won’t want to miss them as they share the gifts with which the Lord has blessed them.”  Colette Cross, Houston Baptist University, Director of Spiritual Life and Chaplain of the University

“You folks have precious musical talent and a good witness for the Lord through your music. God bless!”   Rev. Don Schink, Tijeras, NM

“Thank you for ministering in our “Connections Coffee House” back in July. Folks are still talking about that night!  Whether you knew it or not you and Kristen set the standard for what we want our coffee house ministry to look like as we execute monthly programs starting this Saturday night.”   Pastor Tim Kezar, New Covenant Baptist Church in North Berwick, Maine

“We were so blessed to have you all share your worship with us during our (holiday) brunch.  Thank you for your grace and kindness in volunteering your services”.  Cypress Calling Ministries

“On Sunday, July 5th… visiting from Houston, Texas, Kristen and Lawrence delighted the audience with songs from their Texas-style and contemporary Gospel collections.  Amidst angelic performances by Kristen and upbeat mesmerizing lyrics delivered by Lawrence, the audience supported their musical efforts…”.  Rancho Ramblings Magazine, California

“….both men and women were in the upper room when the Holy Spirit filled them and they received the love and work given to them by the Spirit, in Power.  You have received that Power for your ministry.  Your husband has also been given that same Holy Spirit for the accomplishment or the work the LORD has gifted him with. Now you both are one in each other and He is in you, and I know you will follow him where ever He takes you.  May His love continue to grow more in you as you travel along the gifted path He has laid out for you both, and I pray that souls will be saved as your ministry touches them…..love you guys…God Bless…..”  Pastor Jim

Pastor Jim

“You are greatly appreciated by your fellow artists for your efforts in bringing other’s attention to our (Christian) work.”  Houston, Texas

“I checked out your site, music video and art work…powerful expressions of your love for the Lord. I enjoyed reading the testimonies in your group. ‘Hope to meet you all someday.”  Kingsland, Texas

“I have heard wonderful comments from both our students and staff!  The kids have retold your stories many times; they truly enjoyed your visit!! Thank you so very much for taking your time to come and share your talents with us! The books and CDs have been placed in our libraries and have been checked out since I put them in there!! You are welcome back any time”.  A letter to Lawrence about his performance and personal story presented to the students at the Williamson County Juvenile Detention Center in Georgetown Texas

“I don’t know if you still remember me, but I wrote you 3 years ago when my son was first imprisoned and how your song ‘What you see from there’  really touched my heart.” Listen to a recorded reading of this letter

“Just letting you know… I picked up my husband at work. He must have been in a “bad” mood cause as soon as he heard the (Amazing!) CD he said “Oh, I feel better already”! He loves song #10. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react but he loved it all. It takes a lot to move him. Thank you. We listened to it 3 times on the way home.”  Diane in Houston

“Just a few lines to tell you again how much I appreciate (The Message) CD. I was listening to it the past two mornings when I was getting dressed – the Lord touches me every time”.  Listening from Maine

“We just played your Cd, and it is truly amazing! We loved it. Each (song) I heard I thought was my favorite, then I heard the next one and they’re all coming in first. The lyrics, the arrangements, the singing… everything. Thumbs up!”   Listening from California

“Just want to say ‘thanks’ for the wonderful gift of music. (The Amazing) CD is awesome! I had such a great morning  got up early, had coffee and listened to it in the peaceful early hours!” Anonymous

“A million Thank You’s for your time and service. Our MOPS group was very lucky to have you speak. We are all looking forward to working on our marriage journals. One mom even has a plan to exchange pages with her husband. I think that is a good idea…. Thank you again for an amazing day.” Kate Mejia, MOPS coordinator

“I got a copy of your CD “The Message” from the chapel of the hospital where I work. I have since listened over and over and over again to your beautiful song “What you see from there”… The song has really touched my heart and it gives me a lot of comfort and peace every time I hear it. It is the only song I play on my way to work. You see, my son is in prison and he is the choir director for the catholic service and I would love for him to play this song with his guitar/piano. I’m sure , like me, he would find this song comforting every time he sings it. I think of him every time and this song sums up what he’s going thru right now and his utmost faith in God”.   Listening from Houston, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that every morning on my long drive to work I listen to your (The Message) CD…..my favorite song is “What did You see in me“…..that song can bring tears to my eyes and overwhelms me with the knowledge of just how much God loves me….thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with us……I also listen to some favorite Dave Crowderstuff… so you are in great company”.  Listening from Houston, Texas

“Regarding your  (The Message) CD, I have been playing it ever since…your words give me goose bumps. Each time I hear a song, I think “that’s my favorite”. Then I hear the next one and I think “no, that’s my favorite”. I cannot tell you how special it is to me. We have been going through a rough time at work for the past couple of weeks – each time I get into the car and hear your CD, I am reminded of God’s grace and His goodness. And of the fact that He sees the whole picture. You have a beautiful testimony! Someday, I hope to hear you share what God has done for you in person.  Until then – I will just keep on listening”.  Listening from La Palma, California

“We just rec’d your CD (The Message) and I have listened to it twice. I really like it…your voice reminds me of Joan Baez, who is one of my favorite singers. We will listen to it a lot, especially in the mornings as we sit at our big window and enjoy watching the sun come up”.   Listening from Portland, Oregon

“Kristen Clark’s 2004 offering (The Message) is nothing short of an angelic collection of her original material. Clark‘s mission through her music is to sing praise and profess her Christianity. Her songs are joyous and poignant, featuring her remarkable voice, as she delivers each cut flawlessly. The orchestration and arrangements are masterful and this ten-cut gem is a testament to Clark‘s faith. For the spiritual listener, this disc offers beauty and praise. For the new Christian, this offering is a great introduction to your new faith. Clark also offers her single, “Goodbye For Now,” a song of hope written after the passing of a friends mother. Kristen Clark, for the record, is married to fellow MTM member Lawrence J. Clark, who produced and performed on the single release.”  Lucky Boyd, My Texas Music

“Thanks again for leading the worship on Thursday and for sharing some of your own songs as well… I really sensed the Spirit all night and it was one of our best studies.  Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with us.”   Louis A. Markos, Houston Baptist University

“I want to thank you for all you did for the Holy Spirit retreat on Saturday. It was beautiful. I really felt that your worship pulled the whole program together. I know how unplanned and disorganized things were and how the schedule changed on a minute by minute basis. You were the one thing that didn’t change. Your background music during prayer ministry was beautiful also. The prayer ministry went incredibly well. God is amazing! He makes a serenade out of our “plink, plank, plunks”! God bless you for coming, being an integral part of our retreat, and sharing your gifts with us.”  Kathy Hiatt, St. Anthony of Padua

“Thought I’d give you an update on the impact from your visit to our class. Three ladies joined our class and have rededicated themselves to the Lord’s work. Each of the past two weeks have been filled with comments on how your CD is played non-stop. Several have shared the Cd’s with their friends. All in all, it is clear that the Message (both the cd and the Word) is being heard. If you are appearing anywhere close, I know that some of our group would love to attend”.  David Jennings, Monument Baptist Church

“Wow! What a wonderful evening… we were all blessed by your powerful message, your focus on the Lord Jesus, and your amazing voice!”  Karen Thayer, wife of Pastor Scott Thayer

“Kristen, you are a true blessing to our family of Faith, and to our Women’s Ministry…the music was incredible… your testimony and object lesson were excellent, heart warming, genuine, and a true reflection of God’s grace…”  Kim Watson, Director of Children’s Ministry, Windwood Presbyterian Church

“You have touched so many lives and come alongside so many of us who were trying to discover our faith and our relationship with Christ…. the music has been so wonderful and has spoken to the hearts of everyone who has been blessed to hear them.  You haven’t just led us in singing songs – you have helped us worship God through music and taught us how to praise Him for all He has done for us”.  Linda Tongberg, Alpha Administrator, Windwood Presbyterian Church

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