Submission Guidelines

His Witness Ministries supports Christian artists in their effort to use art as an expression of faith for witnessing about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  To this end, we focus on three areas of inspirational and faith-based art: visual art, music and writing.

Here are some examples of how we define art in these three categories:

  • Visual art: painting (oil, acrylic, water, etc.), drawing, photography, pottery, jewelry, ceramic, fabric, sculpture, etc.
  • Music: any song or instrumental piece
  • Writing: short story (creative non-fiction, fiction, etc.), essay, poetry, screenplay, etc.

We’re looking for submissions in all three categories to showcase on our web site as a “Feature of the Month”. To be selected as a feature, each work must be inspired by or created to glorify God, and/or convey the joys or struggles of living life as a follower of Christ. Additionally, selected artists must be able to demonstrate exceptional God-given talents in the following areas:

  • Biblical Christian message
  • Artistic style and ability
  • Clear and compelling presentation
  • Professional quality


Here’s what we need:

  • Your submission emailed to
  • One submitted work (.jpg, .doc, .pdf, .mp3, etc.)
  • A short bio about yourself and a photograph
  • A brief description of the inspiration for your submitted work
  • Your contact information, (name, e-mail address, web site link, etc.)

Here’s what you get:

  • Publication of your work, bio and contact information to this web site
  • Announcement of your work as a “Feature for the Month” in the His Witness Ministries newsletter
  • Exposure of your talent to individuals that you might not reach otherwise
  • The benefit of helping others grow in their understanding of God through a deepened relationship with Jesus Christ
  • The opportunity to testify to the Gospel of God’s grace (Acts 20:24)

All submissions will be considered for possible publication, and selected artists will be notified within thirty days of submission.

God bless you, and good luck!

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