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Feodor Fitz, Journey to Harmonyville

Image.ashxWhen Feodor Fitz stumbles upon the town of Harmony Ville in search of his wife. He finds that there is no harmony to be found. Feodor must now help the old and young people unite against bandits before Harmony Ville is taken over and destroyed. “Feodor Fitz: Journey to Harmony Ville”, is the first book of many in Feodor Fitz journeys exploding with adventure and rhyme. This tale is a must-read for children of every age.

Feodor’s eyes grew big as he said, “Now, I see.  This town has lost all of its unity….”
My name is Feodor Fitz and I am an explorer that much is true. I explore because it’s what I was created to do. I am a cartoon creation book series from the imagination of David D. Gilbert.


About the Author: With more than a decade of youth ministry experience, David Gilbert, is dedicated to teaching and establishing this generation in the way of the Lord.  He is known for the series, The Real Deal, and as creator and illustrator of the Feodor Fitz book series.

560075_134660063335028_1804596280_nThrough his journey producing the Feodor Fitz series, Gilbert hopes to present a clear picture of truth.  Using his life experiences and poetry’s platform, he desires to encourage all readers—from the youngest to the oldest.


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“While thought exists, words are alive and literature becomes an escape, not from, but into living”.

Cyril Connolly



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